Maher calls Trump 'excitable, house-bound,' explains Hurricane Dorian mix-up
Maher calls Trump 'excitable, house-bound,' explains Hurricane Dorian mix-up

Never has a storm caused so much controversy before it even hit U.S. soil. 

As much of the nation braced itself for Hurricane Dorian to hit Florida (didn't have as much impact as originally thought), the president was bracing himself for it to hit Alabama. Huh?  

President Donald Trump stated that Dorian, which ended up causing extensive damage in the Bahamas and power outages in the Carolinas, would reach as far as Alabama. He even held up a map to prove it. Except the original map didn't actually prove Trump's claims. Instead, the map was doctored with what appeared to be a black Sharpie marker.  

What did the comics have to say about Sharpiegate? Bill Maher explained why Trump had to get excited about something. And Stephen Colbert pointed out a power outage that may have hit Alabama after all. He tells us how in today's Best of Late Night, above. 

Bill Maher is adding Wednesday and Thursday episodes to his usual Friday shows for the weeks of the conventions.
Janet Van Ham

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